vendredi 28 février 2014




Et un petit avant-goût de ma tenue de demain~

lundi 24 février 2014

White rabbit

This is typically what I wear in Summer, when I stop caring that people can see my arms — yet suffering the heat of tights still, for I will never go tight-less. This does not explain why I wanted to wear this in the middle of February. It has to do with that little bunny bag, I guess.

Silly me. I will resume my lolita outfits posting soon, with the Btssb Tea Party approaching, a trip to Disney with my dear friends in two days, and also the result of one first week of vacation spent planning outfits because that's my guilty pleasure on free days. Oh and some exciting new projects very soon~ I can't wait to show you what it's all about ! (Oh the tease, the tease.)

Until then, please take care !

jeudi 20 février 2014

Ahcahcum — Muchacha

In the past few months I've bought two sets of A/W Ahcachcum's mook's bunny bags, and one of the sets (that I offered to Mila, not mine — that would have been way too easy) came with the actual mook. And so I decided to scan the most interesting pages. I'm sure the whole thing is avaiable somewhere, however, in the meantime I would appreciate if those were not reposted anywhere. You can't fool me. I'll see it.

Please enjoy those carefully selected pages full of mushrooms and doll parts !

mercredi 19 février 2014


Portes ouvertes, le 31 Janvier dernier.

*    *

Bien avant ça, pour Noël (ça remonte) avait été organisé le Fabulous Swap, et Aliénor qui m'avait piochée m'a immensément gâtée *^* J'ai eu droit à un joli t-shirt Gorgoroth même qu'il est remarquablement bien coupé et que même Gaahl en veut un, un kit pagan portatif (j'aime tant le concept !) qui vient rejoindre mon petit autel de pierres, un livret de prières (au cas où, une urgence... On ne sait jamais !), de fabuleux autocollants licornes et une jolie lettre~ Il y avait aussi des chocolats, mais j'ai rapidement tout mangé.

Sinon j'ai également reçu mon artbook Nakamura Asumiko. La collection Doukyuusei s'agrandit ! Il y a même des autocollants à l'intérieur.