mercredi 30 juillet 2014


 Dress : Taobao (random casual shop), socks : Neb Aaran Do, shoes : Secret Shop

Some pictures for the far West end of France. It was lovey spending time in the countryside, to be able to see the ocean again (and to swim, I had missed it !). The backyard was always full of little rabbits. I did not walk around so much by myself, but I wanted to take advantage of being at the middle of nowhere at least once. 

My brother took these pictures, I should thank him for his incredible patience. I think he did well.



Little girls

Many little girls. I drew them whie I was working on my final project for school, too relax a bit. I grew quite fond of them, and perhaps I'll have a chance to create a real thing with them next year ? (I'm taking a one-year class in comics drawing, which is in itself very exciting, but I will also use this year to prepare for my goal studies, which is scientific illustration.)

* *

While I'm at it, this is my current favourite drawing of mine, and one that I've made for Mila and I's one year anniversary, so it is even more special. We really wanted those gingham OPs. And we got them. Much happiness.

(Picture by Kitsch, thank you very much !)

* *

I've also spent my time drawing while I was in vacation at the beginning of the month. This is one of them~

mardi 22 juillet 2014

French Café — Garden Party

On the 7th of July, our long-awaited event took place. It has been six months of planning and hard work to get there. As every other ember of the staff, we were very busy all day : I managed to take a few pictures, but most of these come from Della Pietra studio and were uploaded on an official Flickr album~

The real-life Valentine station, where you could leave cute words for the other attendees ! 

 Mila and I with Neb Aaaran Do team ! I am so happy to finally have a picture with them. These girls are the loveliest — and the funniest !

Raffle time ! We had 50 prizes to give out. Marine won a cute salopette and headdress by indie brand Spaceship Lolita.

Our lovely winners : 1st Best Dressed award by Neb Aaran do — 2nd Best Dressed by vote — 1st Best Dressed by vote — 2nd Best Dressed by vote & 1st Best dressed by Lorina Liddell

I would like to thank the whole team : Tiya, Diana, Bloody, Lunie, Sandra, Tro-Tro, Alien, Ludovic, and of course, Mila; for their hard work, motivation, and general awesomeness. It has been great to work together, I'm damn proud of you, and very much looking forward to organizing our next event ! I love you !

I must also thank our kind volunteers : Mathilde, Zoé, Marina, Libellule, Rosalynn, and Sandra's mother who was our photographer but who also helped us a lot on the day of the event. It would not have been possible to do so well without your help. Thank you again for your time and energy !

Thank you also to our lovely guests : Yumi and Motohiro from Lorina Liddell, as well as Jammy, Eily, and their assistant, from Neb Aaran Do. Thank you so much for trusting us and for your generosity.

And lastly, thank you to all of you who attended and who made this afternoon unforgettable !

Also, thank you so much to everyone who left us cute notes at the valentines station ! I have gotten mine, and thanks M., I'm fairly sure of who you are and I would love to see you again too.

I leave you with lots of love, til next time !

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jeudi 17 juillet 2014

Following Alice

Sunday was Following Alice event, with Misako Aoki (she is everywhere !) and the election of the french Lolita Ambassador !


OP : Moitié, choker : Antique Beast, necklace : Juliette et Justine, headpiece : Elena Cherdova

I was wearing my newest Moitié OP for the occasion. If anyone know anything about this dress, I'd like to know ! I randomly found it on auctions and fell in love with the sleeves and neckline. But I do not know when it was released, what collection it is, how much it went for... I love to know these things. As the lack of red in my outfit may indicate, I wasn't supposed to wear this headpiece at all. It is actually a gift from the sweet Elena : she made headdresses for Mila and I, and it is the cutest attention ever. I was getting dressed, Mila pinned this headdress in my hair, and I just had to leave it there.

Mila was looking more than wonderful in full pink. She looks like a flower princess, so delicate and pure ! I must say I am very happy with these picture, considering how rainy and windy it was that day. Mila brightens everywhere she goes anyway~~

The South of France team, and cute Rosalynn

I did not do much that day, except walking around and taking pictures, but it was nice to see old friends and to get to see Diana — who comes very rarely. I really enjoyed the fashion show and, of course, the Lolita Ambassador election. It seems the day passed by quite fastly, even though I spent most of it lost in thoughts. I guess it is because I was exhausted (and it showed), added to the fact that it was the day just before Garden Party, and my mind was crowded with technical and practical thoughts. However, I'm glad I attended the event !

"Oh my God, I'm surrounded by (ferocious) EGL !"

Iana was lovely in pirate !

That Chantilly beret. We need it. 

Shimi was looking so great in Robe de l'Agneau ! That velvet background was made for her. I'm jealous of her crown of thorns too; mine looks so fake in comparison...

Derp derping with Mila and taking cute kisses pictures : two of the things I love most in the world.

That is the "I didn't score well at my Love Live iPhone game" face

Katarina was as cute as ever ! Also Diana finally had a picture with Misako~

I very much regret not taking pictures of Tro-Tro and Bloody, they looked absolutely wonderful.

Next are my favourite outfits from the fashion show. There were some really gorgeous pieces, such as the Angel outfit by Clara Maeda or that Little Red Riding Hood-like dress by Fidel David, which everyone wanted but wich is, unfortunately, an OOAK design.

Next was the Lolita Ambassador election ! We got to see all contestants walk, before they went with Misako for a private interview. Three were selected (and I guessed them right !) : Mila, Pom, and Yumi.

Waiting for the results... Everyone was a bit anxious. (Well, almost.)

Our lovely ambassadors with Misako ! I believe it is the first time three lolitas were elected to share the title. I am so, so proud of Mila-deer. She deserves it so much, for all that she's done for the community through various organizations, the incredible love she has for the fashion, her unparalleled striving to always do the best she can, her hard-working personality — albeit fun and caring too (...and also her cuteness~)

Better pictures of our ambassadors. Congratulations, all three of you

Derpiness ambassadors

Lastly, I took a photo with Eimar ! I should have admired that Iron Gate more. I really should have.