lundi 24 mars 2014

Spring Snow


Et, presque dans le thème (il faisait beau), la semaine suivant la TP d'hiver, nous avons profité que Tiya et Rémy soient encore sur Paris pour se retrouver tous ensemble (sauf Ludo qui craint — mais que l'on a beaucoup pleuré) et aller manger (une de nos grandes passions communes). Et aller acheter des bijoux Vivienne Westwood. Aussi.

J'ai volé toutes ces photos à Tro-Tro et Mila (je suis comme ça, je vole.)

Premier jour de beau temps = robe blanche. Toujours.

Et mon petit faon ! Parce que sinon ça fait un peu comme si elle n'était pas là alors que si. Et aussi parce que j'éprouve une intense passion pour nos selfies divers

dimanche 23 mars 2014

Atelier Pierrot

Recently, I purchased this lovely (and seemingly extremely limited) corset/waist cincher from Atelier Pierrot, which has been the cause of death of my bank account (for now, at least). I shouldn't really say corset, because that beautiful thing hasn't got any sort of boning whatsoever, it's quite disappointing. It is more like a belt, actually, and therefore not as flattering as I would have thought — I may have overindulged in cheese and fondues these days, but not quite as much as the following pictures would suggest. I wore it on top of a JSK, so it may have increased the effect even more; I suppose it is more flattering to wear it with only a blouse underneath.
However, it doesn't matter all that much. I still love this piece, and I will find ways to wear it !

I was too short on money to get the matching skirt and yes, indeed, it is a pity.

mardi 4 mars 2014

Tea Party Btssb — Hiver 2014

Antonio and his escort girl — myself.
I didn't get any time to buy a rose. How sad is that...

Last Saturday, the first day of March, the winter Baby, the stars shine bright Tea Party took place in ladurée. Like last year, we had a great tea party with four dozens of lovely girls and lots of pastries. Despite the small rooms, it really is a location that I love !

You can see all the pictures in my public Facebook album~

 The food didn't live for very long.

Our favourite spot/hiding place : the bathroom. Not only is it bright and nice to take pictures in, it is also incredibly funny to see Ladurée's customers step into this temporary lolita kingdom when they merely wanted access to the restroom. Not that it really is a hobby of ours, of course. But you see, those outfits shots had to be taken at some point.

Highlights of some of my favourite outfits/pictures/persons.

Lili and me; we were wearing the same dress !

And both Lucie and Same had the same headdress !

The lenghts to which we get to take pretty pictures... Sam-sam sacrified a part of her dignity to take the above pictures of Lily and myself. Therefore now, ladies and gentlemen, the derpiest pictures I took this day (including my fabulous bovine self, picture courtesy of Mila~)

And now... It's game time !

Tape 1 pour Ludo, 2 pour Mila !
Vote sur cet article ! Lache tes com'z ! Xoxo

Antonio's got all the ladies fighting over him. They're crazy for him.

But I don't care, because he comes back to me every time.


Winners of that day for best coordinate ! Left is Pom in AatP, and on the right Sam in Btssb. They deserved their prizes !

And it was already time to say goodbye. Not for long, hopefully ! I wish I could have talked to many more people, I realized I forgot to take pictures of many lovely persons but alas, it is the same at every event. 

I leave you with some outfit shots this time !