jeudi 17 septembre 2015

As bright as a thousand suns (more drawings)

It amazes me how similar my art is to my photography. Facing front and backgroundless and muted and light. The easy way out, indeed. Let's say it's aesthetics !

This summer has been very productive, and it's been a most welcome distraction, as well as a wonderful way to efficiently improve. Though I did not really challenge myself... One day I really must draw backgrounds. Scenery. Landscapes.

Commission for Angélique, I really like how the colours turned out !

Wonderful Xiaoyu at Btssb/AatP fashion show

And another recent commission

Let's play "what reference picture did I use here"

* *

Up til now I was (relatively) discreet weeb trash.

From Count Cain, that damn manga that ruined my life back in very very far away 2003. That's 12 years of pain.
It's my first redraw ever ! It was harder than I thought. Always loved that illustration of Riffael.
I want to draw oh so soft, so caring Riff as well, one day. 

 Favourite fancy madman.

"This city has become too small for the both of us, Misako"

Thank you for looking~~ 


dimanche 13 septembre 2015



Part II of my experiments to make something somewhat interesting with simple clothes : some more casual monochrome, light stuff. I felt I wasn't wearing this dress often, which is a shame. But now I remember why. It is so ridiculously short. Damn.

Featuring that random Taobao dress, AP headbow, Btssb socks, eternal Ank Rouge shoes.