dimanche 29 novembre 2015


"Sees" as in, Finnish for "calm" and a most beautiful song from Tenhi.  

That Victorian Maiden skirt had been in my wishlist for ages — years, really, I was so happy to finally find it. 
Paired with Monlily OP, Btssb blouse, and a handmade headdress.


dimanche 22 novembre 2015


An hommage to autumn, starring Hana admiring mushrooms and fallen leaves and the passing of time. 






samedi 21 novembre 2015

Iceland Poppy

Please excuse the fact that I wanted to try it on immediately, before washing & ironing it.

Wearing Seraphim OP, AP headbow, Taobao shoes, Btssb necklace.


Seraphim were very efficient when I ordered and FromJapan had received the dress within two days. It fits well, with the sleeved being just a little bit too short (and I am short). The only thing I'm disappointed with is the fact that it is not lined at all, the seams shows and it makes the garment a lonely layer of polyester, which feels a bit not enough for the price.

I feel close to Seraphim on a spiritual level. Therefore I need all of their dresses. Or mostly the long-sleeved Therese series and the beautiful Poupée OP, both in pretty much any color. Look at these !


samedi 7 novembre 2015


Last week Tro-Tro & I decided it would be a shame not to do anything for Halloween, and planned a fancy-dressed outing to celebrate a bit. I hadn't had to plan an outfit the day before for a long time... It could have turned worse, admittedly. It was a beautiful bright day. Those picture are really nothing more than elaborate outfit shots, but I like them !

I was wearing MmM dress, BPN coat, Antique Beast headdress, J&J and Moss Märchen accessories, and my own natural gothicness.

Channeling Mana-sama.


Thank you for looking ☆