samedi 14 février 2015

French Dots

LVER-exclusive collaboration necklace from Owloli

I wanted to take some pictures with an outfit created around it — very simple still, I feel it really misses a beret :p
Such Paris, very dots. I hope you'll like it ! And take some time to browse the lovely Owloli stall during LVER !~


And (even if it's absolutely not fitting) brought to you by popular demand (AKA for Magu) : party-hard playlist of Russian choirs. Enjoy.

dimanche 8 février 2015



I am so happy to have bought myself this dress for Christmas. It is actually very delicate. It also ensures that no discomfort will be felt after eating too much at a Tea Party (for example !) Still, I wanted to try and see if it couldn't somehow be made more versatile than simply an A-line dress like it is supposed to be. 

Ah, if I could, I'd wear ivory everyday.

OP : AatP; corset : Atelier Pierrot; hat : Cloudberry Lady




jeudi 5 février 2015

Winter colours

Another little collection of digital drawings (will soon post some traditional media, I think !) done in the past few weeks.

Firstly, currend comics project. I love it and I want to complete it as soon as possible, but with all the other things currently in progress I'm already late ;_;

This was done for Sayumi's graduation and sent to her by the lovely people behind Sayumi Michishige Graduation Message Book Project *^*

A little Mila

This was for Kammie~~

I draw something for every occasion, because there is no greater joy to me than giving drawings to loved ones ;w;

Reference picture is Yosama on Weibo.

Lolita Satsuki from KLK. Drinking tea and beheading itas, probably.

Thank you for looking~
Commissions are still open, and professionnal inquiries are welcome !