dimanche 29 mars 2015


Il y a à peine quelques semaines, nous avions enfin rendez-vous avec Hana pour réaliser quelques photos, après des mois (que dis-je, peut-être même années ?) à en parler sans jamais réussir à concrétiser la chose. Par ma faute, je dois l'avouer. C'est désormais chose réparée !

Herbier Aquatique par Messalyne
Créé en collaboration avec Hana, il est l'inspiration de ces photos, bien qu'ayant été dévoilé après leur réalisation. Mais pourquoi ferions-nous les choses dans le bon ordre ?

Et en guise de bonus, ces photos qui ne s'intègrent pas à la première série, mais que j'aime beaucoup.

vendredi 27 mars 2015

Antique Beast & (exceptionally useful) Bodyline tights review

Last package I received : Triple Fortune bonnet and Antique Beast headdress. Now, I won't be reviewing Triple Fortune, everyone know their bonnets are divine creations.

For once I was notified of the monthly opening of Antique Beast in time, and I placed an order for the pretty Treizeヘッドドレス headdress. I waited about 1,5~2 months for it to be ready and shipped to my SS. Antique Beast is very cheap compared to most brands : this one was 4,200 yen before fees, which is about 35 euros.

Now, it is incredibly lovely in real life too. The materials are always great quality and have many pretty details. None of the laces were changed compared to the stock picture, as it sometimes happen.

 It even has a lace butterfly.

My dissatisfaction with the product does not come from the quality; but you'll see for yourself soon enough...

Why has the headdress shrunk down to half its size compared to the stock picture ?

Were I to have an enormous head, the item still wouldn't be the size one would expect from seeing Antique Beast's pictures. I can only guess that their model head is highly inaccurate compared to a real human head.

This is why it is not likely I will buy from Antique Beast again. I have another headdress and a chocker that suffered from the same inaccuracy and it is always a disappointing thing to find out. It is still a very pretty piece and I will wear it; but I wish I did not wait 2 months for an ant-sized headdress.

*  *

Now on for the most useless review ever : Bodyline tights.

Many lolitas have a hard time finding lace tights, especially in white or cream tones. At least I know I do. Well, search no more ! Mr Yan thought of us too and brought us his best selection of various Japanese and Chinese tights — they are not actually produced by Bodyline, not that it really changes anything.

I bought 5 pairs to well, have more tights, and also to reach the necessary minimum of order to be eligible for the free (and infamously slow) Airmail shipping.

What I like most about those is that they're cheap. 300 yen each pair, down to 240 during the sale period. And let me tell you, nothing quite compares to buying cream lace tights for 2€.

Colour : grey

These are actually printed tights, very thick and opaque and soft. I bought them because Mai recommended them, and I don't regret it at all !

Colour : black

These are quite thin, here's to hope I won't make holes in them before two wears. They have a tendency to fall down, which is unnerving. But they're pretty.

Colour : cream

More of an off-white than cream. I suppose they will fall down like the black ones does.
Update: they actually don't !

My favourite pair ! A real cream colour, darker than the other ones. I can't wait to see how they look in an outfit.

 These disappeared from the website when I was waiting for my package to arrive. Or maybe they're just hiding somewhere, but I can't find them anymore. They are the very white ones that didn't photograph well in the first pictures. But they are nice ! Thick and opaque as well, they are more of a white than the cream the website suggested. They have a pretty texture with strange little scissors shapes in it.

And this is it, I guess~~ Go buy some tights, they are great !

samedi 21 mars 2015

Clothes of sand

A little bit of stuff I draw when I don't want to work on school projects. Consequently these are pieces I do not put too much thought in, the main purpose being relaxing and drawing things I like.

Apologies for that overuse of oval frames lately. They do provide with quite a nice result when one is as bad with composition as I am.

*  *

Starting with some commissions I did in the last few weeks !
I am so happy whenever anyone asks me. It really means a lot.
These are all the €10 option, and I'm pretty much taking commissions all the time these days~

 Maja's wonderful Btssb TP outfit

Lovely Rachel for an outfit with Belle Époque JSK~

And equally lovely Ronnie who asked me to create an outfit based on Btssb's Searching for Baroque. How awesome is that ? I immediately thought of some OTT stuff but in the end we decided to have something more wearable.

Nonetheless, the theatrical potential of this dress haunted me, so I had to use it in some way :

Nearly not as OTT as I'd have wished but then I didn't spend a lot of time on it. Still, frames.

*  *

Present for dear Michiko~

Mila and her poney (probably).

More Mila ♡ Valentine's day drawing

Now, I've been quite obsessed with little shit Gellert since we almost-marathoned Harry Potter last month, where he gets a glorious 10 seconds of compiled screentime in DH1. And therefore I had to draw. Too much. Way too much.

 Oops I can't stop.

This is actually schoolwork; the first two pages of a workshop we had in school with Belgian illustrator Benoît Jacques. Traditional media were highly encourages, so I only cheated with the colouring.

I am also overjoyed because the lovely Thali from Peppermint Fox and I finally did the art trade we've been meaning to do for a few months, and her drawing is the most beautiful thing I have every seen.
Mila and I, and Lindzi and Thali~

I listen to a lot of Nick Drake these days and it doesn't depress me nearly as much as it used to, which is a good thing.
It also serves as a formidable excuse to write song lyrics in comics.

mercredi 18 mars 2015


These are merely portraits... Less of me than of this wonderful bonnet, in fact. I always have a hard time posting so many portraits compared to, say, outfit shots. But it doesn't matter. Hana gave me her lilies after we took pictures last week (they are coming soon !), and I was more than happy to bring them home. They are my favourite sort of flower.  They had short lives, the poor things, but they served wonderfully in two photographic occasions.