jeudi 28 mai 2015

Triple*Fortune photoshoot

On the morning of the day before La vie en Rose (that is, set-up day), Mila an I were offered to model for Triple*Fortune. We went to the Galerie Vivienne (a favourite of Japanese brands !) with BABI, KAIE and the two GLB photographers.

The picture above is the first "official" one we were sent I never loved a picture more than this one,  this may be my favourite one of us.

The others are from kind Babi who improvised with my camera, or ourselves. I hope we get to see more from GLB, their photography is incredible... One day, maybe ?


Thank you so much BABI & KAIE for your kindness and this wonderful opportunity ♡ It feels like a dream come true. 
I so wish we can meet them again very soon !

Keep an eye on Mila's blog to see her own post too !

mardi 12 mai 2015

Wilde Rose

I must apologize for there will be quite a lot of over exposed outfit pictures taken against backlight in the near future. Preferably with a bonnet. It is my favourite setting right now, even though it erase every lace detail, and makes for the most grainy pictures.

Light is much softer that way and I like it so much more than the usual harsh window light ! Unless I can borrow someone to help me and take all of these outside, of course. Then it's not really a problem anymore.

I cut my hair just after taking these pictures, I hadn't noticed how bad the ends had come to look. It's a lot better now !

Also slowly learning the difficult art of selfies... I guess ? It really differs from self-portraits. Much more tricky.

Thank you for looking, and thank you so much for 100,000 pageviews ! 
It sounds like a lot, I can't quite realize ;w;